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BE Holland (MEGAPARK) Download!


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BE Holland is a roller coaster centered open rct2 megapark, which was built on the map of the original six flags holland scenario. This park isn't meant to be a recreation of Walibi Holland!

Coasters: Intendiminator (Intamin Strata Coaster), Iron Bandit (RMC Hyper Hybrid), Behemoth (B&M Hyper), Dragon School (Dueling Gravity Group wooden coaster), Blue cyclone (PTC kiddie woodie), Predetor (B&M Hyper Dive Coaster), Coyote (B&M Invert Coaster), Gate Keeper (B&M Wing Coaster), Montu (B&M Flying Coaster), Monaco Grand Prix (Dueling RMC Single Rail Coaster), Iron Menace (Intamin LSM Coaster), Frida (Vekoma Junior Coaster), Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Vekoma Mine Train), Valexx (Intamin Zac Spin), Flight of Fear (Intamin multi dimension coaster)

Water Rides: Wineyard Turnee (River rapids), Timber River Log Transport (Log Flume)

Flatrides (Three biggest): Big French Wheel (Custom Ferris Wheel), Corkwheel: Drop of Dusk (Gyro Drop Tower), Kladra (S&S Shot and drop)

Waterpark Rides: Lazy River (Lazy River obviously), Demon Drop (Freefall Slide), Red Racers (Tube Slide), Little Yellow Drop down (Body Family Slide), Green Fish's Course (Dark Body Slide), Blue Streak (Mat Race slides), Bright Sun Waterfalls (pair of tube slides), Kiddie Slide (kiddie body slide), Wave Pool (Swimming Area), Surf Rider (Intamin Half Pipe Coaster)

Hotels: Steam Dream Hotel, Paradise Hotel, Steam Greem Camp Resort

Hope you enjoy. Please give me feedback bellow this post!











BE Holland.park

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