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Help wanted: tips to "pare" high-fidelity music to import as On-Ride Music.

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I suspect that I need to perform some conversion, at the source-level, to some high-fidelity music in order to import it compatibly with OpenRCT2's in-game (8-bit?) music system; or, maybe, I'm on Mars ... I'm very computer-savvy in terms of algorithmic logic & programming but I've never been any sort of A/V whiz. Even if my suspicions are correct, I have no idea where to begin, nor even what to do.

I've used Gymnasiast's excellent GOES tool to successfully import less-dense stuff as .parkobjs: absolutely no problems. However, when I've converted studio-quality high fidelity .flac->.ogg->.parkobj, the tracks play, but at substantively-reduced volume; if I sync several attractions to play the same track, the aggregate volume assures me that the music is playing contiguously, but I can hear distortion and, otherwise, I'd characterize the sound quality as, "muffled".

To be clear, all of the original .flac sounds incredible and all of the .ogg conversions sound incredible: in-game, the stuff sounds terrible; I do appreciate that OpenRCT2 is not a media player.

Would someone kindly offer me a few suggestions?


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