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Unable to read map from server: Unknown exception

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I updated the server openrct2 (ubuntu linux) version, and now I can't load maps from the server. Other clients do not have this issue. I have tried:


installing the .deb to the server directly

downgrading and reinstalling the server software

trying varying maps over different versions of the game

trying 8-10 different recent build versions


i have 2 other friends who are also playing on the server, and they're able to connect and download maps.


potentially helpful information:

client details


OpenRCT2, v0.4.6-47-g4147e9a (4147e9a on develop) provided by GitHub
Windows (x86-64)
Network version: 0.4.6-5
Plugin API version: 80
Current park file version: 31
Minimum park file version: 30
With breakpad support enabled


server details:


OpenRCT2, v0.4.6 (, DEBUG)
Linux (x86-64)
Network version: 0.4.6-5
Plugin API version: 81
Current park file version: 32
Minimum park file version: 32
Breakpad support disabled

The server is running on an AWS VPS, and has worked for about a week prior to the issue w/ the upgrade.


It acts as though it's going to load, downloads about 1/3 of the total kb size of the map from the server, and then throws the above-mentioned error while running verbose.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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