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Woodie of Fire

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The high intensity is probably due to the number of drops and the high floater Gs. Longer runs can help with both of these. If you look at a lot of the "Non-twister/Non-boardwalk" layouts from GCI or Gravity Group, there are more low hill, longer runs. These will increase air time and reduce hills (and the high floater G you have). If nothing else, adjusting the heights of the hills on the return run (higher to lower) will get the intensity and excitement to balance better.

The hard turn after the 2nd drop is a bit much and may be driving up your nausea rating. A wooden coaster is relatively easy to keep the nausea in the medium range and making this a curved rise would not quite be ideal, but it would likely bring your nausea down. I'd start at the top of the second rise and do a curved drop going into a some longer runs with perhaps a double up on the return.

I'd also like to see some theming. I love the new terrain types and this is the blue mulch(?). I think a station should be minimum for a complete concept.

You're a passionate, prolific builder. Tackle a recreation or two and your custom builds will benefit.

Keep building!

P.S. This is an afterthought, because I am not a scenario player, but the size of this may make it difficult for scenario play. I think (could be wrong) that tracks are generally downloaded for their usefulness in scenario play. Custom parks likely have coasters built specifically for that park. Dropping a good coaster quickly seems like a scenario thing. It may be worth including footprint and build cost - and considering these things in the build itself.


CORRECTION: The High positive Vertical G's occur at the bottom of a drop and the narrow valleys make them worse. The Floater Gs I was referring to take place at the top of the hills and are shown as negative Vertical Gs. Sorry for derp.

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