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TPR Game Exchange founded but not halfway working!

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Hello to you all! So I was looking around on my laptop got on tpr logged into my old account and it worked like a charm without any problems and founded announcing game exhange http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/ too me to the game exchange where I saw all the downloads again was so happy for only a second and somehow I was not logged in except on main tpr site! I founded the parks I was looking for Glenwood Park Modernized by rocketman1219, Pelican Bay by cyrbuzz, and Euro World by themeparksbuzz, tried downloading them took me to the login register! Typed in my old account for tpr says wrong password like ugh! Then tried register to see If I get any luck or not! Then took me back to main tpr site saying sorry page does not exist!

That's very interesting and odd at the same time tpr game exchange showing but not halfway working! Sighs oh well! Sorry for the trouble and all! If anybody on here has a chance of these parks I'm looking for I would really appreciate it wish the game exchange would still work so I can download the parks I liked so much again!

Thanks for anything!

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8 hours ago, Dubaifreak said:

When i want to download something i got the same error, i even got this error when i wanted to make an account!


Oh well thanks for replying about anything! Glad I'm not the only one that misses old rct sites parks and wants to download see certain parks again as I would be so cheerful and happy to have and repost anywhere to support good old rct parks!

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