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crash on startup

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I purchased rct2 on steam, downloaded and installed it, ran the game once and closed it, downloaded and installed OpenRCT2 and showed it the file location, and it started to run but also produced a dialog box with an error that the game had crashed and needed to report the crash, however the game would still play perfectly fine until I agreed to send the error message or close out of the dialog box at which time it closes the application. I am running Windows 10

5d54a249-f5cc-4dd3-9a0b-4db79ad2f19b(76ca840_x86-64).dmp 5d54a249-f5cc-4dd3-9a0b-4db79ad2f19b(76ca840_x86-64).dmp.gz 5d54a249-f5cc-4dd3-9a0b-4db79ad2f19b.ini 5d54a249-f5cc-4dd3-9a0b-4db79ad2f19b.park

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