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Tycoon Park Rct Classic for Openrct2 download!

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Hello anyone! I was wondering if anybody on here has a download file of Tycoon Park from rct classic for openrct2 I thought Of downloading looking at work on some if anyone can upload it on here if you don't mind!

Also if I buy rct classic from steam or cd will everything from rct classic go into openrct2?

Thanks for anything!

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RCT Classic will work with OpenRCT2. Assuming you've purchased RCT Classic from Steam, and if you're following the steps to extract the files from Steam (I followed the Mac tutorial for extracting RCT2 files), type this command into the Steam console:

download_depot 683900 683901

instead of "download_depot 285330 285331". Then point to this download when you first lauch OpenRCT2, or find the OpenRCT2 config file and change the path to point to the 683901 download.

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