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Scenery Manager PlugIn V 2.0.1

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So, I just found OpenRCT2 and have been glued to the screen rediscovering RCT.  I created a custom scenario and started on my new park.  After laying all of my paths and creating a few lakes, rides, etc... I had a need to duplicate a building several times over.  So after a quick Google search, I found out about the Scenery Manager Plug In.  I downloaded it and placed it in the plugin folder.  When I opened OpenRCT2 again and started my saved game... I saw a quick notification saying there were several RCT1 files that couldn't be located (or something to that affect). When the map loaded up... all of my paths, scenery, water effects, rides that I had placed are gone.  Any ideas about this?  I'm thinking I may spend the $10 to download/install RCT1 and try to reopen the save to see what happens.


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