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[Plugin API] Choosing correct coordinates for "peeppickup" action

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I'm trying to use the following API to move a newly hired staff member, but I'm getting a message, "Can't place person here" in the game interface.

executeAction(action: "peeppickup", args: PeepPickupArgs, callback?: (result: GameActionResult) => void): void;

For the PeepPickupArgs, I can't find a correct set of values to make it work. I'm even trying to place the staff member where an existing staff member is. An example value using the coordinate of an existing staff member in Forest Frontiers:

  type: 2, // 0: pickup, 1: cancel, 2: place
  id: 0,
  x: 1632,
  y: 832,
  z: 96,
  playerId: 0,

I've also tried dividing all coordinates by 32 just in case but that didn't work either. Can someone confirm if this API is working, and what is required to get the action to succeed?

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I found that a pickup action with type 0 (pickup) must be executed before a pickup action with type 2 (place) can be executed. Even if a staff member is hired with "autoPosition: false" so that they are ready to be dropped, the staff cannot be dropped by the API.

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