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Solved: M1 Mac: "“OpenRCT2” would like to access files in your Documents folder."

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Wanted to report an issue and the solution I found in case anyone is facing the same one, and in hopes for a less manual fix.

Ran into a weird issue on a M1 MacBook Pro with OS X Monterey that I didn't encounter on an older Mac. When I launch OpenRCT2, I get the popup "“OpenRCT2” would like to access files in your Documents folder." If I choose "OK," the popup immediately reappears. I checked in security settings that OpenRCT2 does have permission to access the Documents folder, so it seems to be saved, but no matter how many times I hit "OK," the window still pops back up and prevents the game from starting. The only way I can get rid of it is to force quit OpenRCT2.

I have the latest version (v0.4.5).

Searching for the same thing happening to other applications, I found that manually forcing the app to be signed makes the choice finally stick. In terminal, enter the following command (assuming OpenRCT2 is in your Applications folder):

codesign --force --deep --sign - /Applications/OpenRCT2.app

Is there a way to get the Mac releases properly signed so this doesn't happen to anyone else on a M1 machine?

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