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First of all I have successfully complected many of the scenarios and now use OpenRTC2 to experiment with ride designs. Strictly for fun.

I have built many elaborate synchronized designs with up to four tracks. I also build individual rides with the goal of achieving high numbers of customers per hour. 

I have built a number or rides, without cheats other than disabling ride breakdowns, that achieve over 5000 customers per hour with one somewhat unexplainable instance of 5952 CPH.

5400 to 5600 CPH seems to be the long term average for most.

With some cheating of car lengths I have managed to get one ride up to to 6216 CPH.

I'm just curious if any others here are interested in the same type of ride designing and what sort of results have been achieved.

I've uploaded a park with some elaborate synced designs. Several of the individual rides in this park have hit over 5000 customers per hour.


Six Flags Magic Mountain 156.park

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