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Android question

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Hi y'all. First time posting.

Kind of a long winded idea/question bear with me.

Rct was a huge part of my childhood as it was for many others. Last week I rediscovered it along with openrct2 and I've installed it on my PC, android, and homebrewed switch. Now I would just rather play on handhelds for reasons unknown, I won't get into it. The switch version is perfect. One joystick moves the camera and the other moves the mouse. At the same time, the mouse cursor is always on the screen so you can drag it to a spot and tap/double tap anywhere on the screen for a click instead of trying to touch the icon with your finger. It feels like using your finger like a mouse and pad to control the cursor rather than your finger being the actual cursor. This all being said, I would rather play on my gaming phone because it has a better screen and speakers. And while I CAN actually map all of the controls to my wraparound controller, even set touchscreen hotkeys for the GUI buttons, it just doesn't seem to recognize joystick input at all. And then the finger acts as a cursor, no touch mouse controls. It basically requires a stylus or Bluetooth mouse. It's playable, but given all the quality of life control features on the switch version I'm playing that instead.

What are the chances of us seeing the touchscreen controls from the switch version ported to android? The touchscreen mouse control is so much better than the regular touchscreen control. Literally just that change would be enough for me to move my gameplay to android.

Likewise, with wraparound phone controllers and android gaming becoming more popular might we see similar joystick controls?

Or is the android branch just kinda on life support?

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