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Guests unable to leave park when I replace the entrance path.

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Lately when I've started a new custom park (not a pre-built scenario), whenever I make the entrance invisible it causes issues with guests being unable to leave the park.

I create the entrance and guest spawn points normally. I use tile inspector to make the three tiles of the entrance invisible. I then copy and paste a footpath tile to connect the spawn point with the path inside the park, making sure the nodes are all connected.

But when guests begin to arrive, they enter the park fine, reach the end of the path, then are unable to cross over the footpath where the entrance is, stranding them inside the park. When I delete the footpath I pasted over the entrance tile, they are able to leave normally again. I've watched multiple guides on making entrances invisible, and I can't see any mistake I've made when trying to recreate them. I've done similar tile inspector path-hiding tricks to make custom queues for rides and haven't run into this issue.

Any advice?

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