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4 Random Rollercoasters!

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THe things you might critisize me are on the Red digits on some of the rides!


I wanted to retry my AdrenalineRoest park, but i crashed & my rides were lost forever, but here are the lookalikes!


You might use cheats to get the guests ride the Ultra-Extreme rides or use track pieces that miss on the tracked rides!

Naamloos park 2022-07-27 13-52-23.png

Naamloos park 2022-07-27 13-53-40.png

Naamloos park 2022-07-27 14-02-38.png

Naamloos park 2022-07-27 14-04-18.png

Naamloos park 2022-07-27 14-04-22.png

Virginia Reel 1.td6 Out and Back With Loops.td6 Jet pUlls Train.td6 Launched Jets.td6

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