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How Do I Make Custom Scenery? What Programs Should I use

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I desire to Make a Custom Scenery Pack that has the Wacky Colorful Goofy Cartoon Aesthetic, Akin to 30s-50s Looney Tunes, 80s RADICAL, NARLY DUDE! Cartoons, and some Girly Cartoons. But I don't know where to start making the Scenery, I'm not sure if I should use the RCT2 Object Editor with the Images imported and Digitized From Blender

I want to be sure if that is how I should do it 

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I'm responding to follow.

I actually have an idea for a "Saturday Morning" pack with my favorite late 70s cartoons - and a PBS pack with Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, etc.

Also pallets... Boring, pinewood pallets...

I have some of the object editors, but I also know that a new one is currently in early development which will write to parkobj files.

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OOOOH I love this idea! If I knew how, I'd make an 80's cartoon pack....GI Joe! Transformers!  

Oooh, a Neverending Story park....or Labyrinth!  Sorry, 80's baby geeking out here.  LOL


Following to keep apprised of progress!

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