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CS Exchange?? Any interest?

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I have ALOT of custom scenery...gathered from many sites over the past few years.  A lot of them are incomplete.  I find that on the NE website, there are a lot of individual pieces but not as many complete sets. (example, I'm trying to get the entire Cottage walls/roofs from  Junya Boy, a few objects are on NE but not all, and the scenery group download doesn't work...It gets frustrating)

OddmentsAlchemyLab has posted (here and on NE) about a brilliant master project he's working on - collecting and organizing objects from EVERY park.  It's brilliant. but no doubt a massive project for one person.

Anyway, that got me thinking of a scenery exchange here?   Like creating .park files with our custom scenery we can upload, so we can download custom rides, stalls, scenery etc. from each other to complete sets and get new stuff.  Maybe this in some way could help OddmentsAlchemyLab on his project; at the very least, it could be a nice "swaparama" of stuff for folks.


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edited to give OddmentsAlchemyLab credit for his brilliance and hard work
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