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Random Gentle Glen with added rides!

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3 rides in this park are Marcels, i added my Custom Rides (that wooden rollercoaster,the Pneumatic Vertical Coaster & the big Rapid)

I even added Turbine because it (even it looks thrilling) is actually a gentle ride!

Marcels rides i use are: River Rapids Big,River Rapids Tiny & River Rapids Compact, you can look at his video in his YouTube CHannel, just go to YouTube, look for Marcel Vos, go to his channel & click his River Rapids video, it's interesting!

Gentle Glen 2022-06-03 14-50-19.png

Gentle Glen 2022-06-03 14-55-27.png

Gentle Glen 2022-06-03 14-55-55.png

Gentle Glen 2022-06-03 14-55-58.png


Gentle Glen Thrill.park Trying to be Gentle with the Ai.td6 Big Rapids.td6

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Missed Explanation about the Rapids!
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