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RCT1 Scenarios Not Completing

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I have a strange problem when I try to complete scenarios. At the end of the scenario, I get the usual applause from the peeps, I write my name in the prompt box, but when I go back to choose a new scenario, there is no tick next to the scenario I've just completed. Old scenarios that I've completed months ago are showing as completed, it's just new ones that aren't.

I'm running on a Windows 11 device and have the latest version of OpenRCT. Is this a known bug?

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I just ran into this issue as well and I found a temporary workaround. When you mouse over scenarios on the main menu, the directory and file name will display on the bottom. When a scenario gives you this bug, look up this file and move it into a different folder one directory level up(or somewhere else outside the Scenario folder). When you choose a new scenario afterwards, the bugged scenario will no longer display or block your unlock progression. Not an ideal fix but it lets you complete the game normally.

The issue seems to be reported in at least one form here: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/17281

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