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DonVGC's RCT Scenario Mod

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Hello everyone! Here are my mods so you can enjoy them:

Mod #1: Original 21 RCT scenarios Mod.

The first 21 RollerCoaster Tycoon's scenarios have been modified to be more difficult. Here are the changes:

- Free to Entry Park/Pay per Ride (like in Loopy Landscapes).
- Annual Interest Rate: 1% -> 10% (be careful with loans!).
- No advertising.
- Tree removal is forbidden.
- Lower guest generation.
- Park Rating is harder to maintain.

These scenarios will have an "X" letter at the end of their names.

Mod #2: OpenRCT2's source code Mod.

I've been wanting to tamper with the Scenario Category, as there is no way to edit it other than modifying the source code. This is a mod of the current stable OpenRCT2 v0.3.5.1 x64 release. Here are the changes:

- Edited RCT1 scenarios will appear in the RollerCoaster Tycoon tab, and the original scenarios will appear under the "Other Parks" tab.
- Two new tabs have been added: UCES Parks and (Fred-104's) Mythic Conquest. These tabs will appear only to those who have these scenarios.
- RCT Classic's Tycoon Park has been added to the "Original DLC Parks" scenario group under "Other Parks".




Without further ado, click here to download my mod. The Zip file includes: 

- The 21 modded RCT1 scenarios.
- The compiled OpenRCT2.exe, along with the updated language file.
- The modified source code.
- Readme file with installation instructions.

It does NOT include UCES nor Fred-104's scenarios, although the links to download them have been included inside the readme file.



- To Chris Sawyer and the team behind RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 and 2.
- To the OpenRCT2's developers and the community for being awesome.
- To the UCES team and Fred-104.



You can find me on my twitter: @DonVGC or in Discord: DonVGC#0026.

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