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Mega MEGA Park - A really dang big Sandbox Park


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It's been a while since I've been these forums, figured I'd finally stop lurking and post something for once.

While browsing Marcel Vos's videos, I came across this video, and quickly noticing the newly increased limits apply to scenarios as well, I eagerly took advantage of that, and made what I hope to be the biggest sandbox scenario to date! Some features of this scenario also include:

  • Every ride, coaster, shop, and car type in RCT2 and RCT1 are all available from the start!
  • All but 25 tiles (containing the path to the park entrance) of a flat 999x999 space available for you to play with!
  • Four separate premade quadrants (Grass, Checkers, Desert, and Snow), each owning a fourth of the entire park!
  • Oh yeah, all the scenery stuff from both games are in there as well!
  • Massive starting cash, generous loans, and advertising campaigns are all available as well!
  • Of course, that means cash isn't disabled as well, but I figured more people like it that way

The download for the park can be found below, go forth and gouge the guests; Take all they money, and do it again with ATMs!

Mega MEGA Park.park

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