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flash-fox.de Anarchy Dev-Branch Servers [959x959]


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Server Name: [Foxy-Server] "Crossroads" [Anarchy]
Version Link: Dev-Branch Ver.: (d3ee7ed)



Size: 959x959 (messed up the Hightmap)
Gametype: Anarchy (Not moderated)
Cheats: N/A
Custom objects: N/A
RCT1 Objects: Inlcuded
Money: Unlimited



(More will probably be added in some time)



Q: Will you add more servers?
A: Eventually. Each one will have a different name to tell friends on what server you are playing.

Q: The DEV-Branch updates every few hours. How up to date will this server be?
A: Between 1 Week and 1 Month. Its currently not automated.

Q: Will there be moderated Server?
A: Unlikely, because im lazy a. f. ... Unless i find some moderators that are willing to keep the peace on some of those servers, its unlikly.

Q: Download for the empty map?
A: Temporary download location: 

^ Webserver is not finished. Im moveing all images as soon as its done.

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