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FOUND: COMPLETE Hollywood letters, 3D letters, and far more


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(Cross-posted from the Nedesigns site) I've spent the last few weeks looking for custom scenery by scouring the web and the Internet Archive for any defunct site I could find a link to, and I found plenty, most of which are content sets that haven't been available or only partly available for a decade.

First, the complete Hollywood letters and numbers set, not seen as a complete separate download for years:



Second, the complete 3D letters set (only part of which has been available for the last decade or so). These:



Going way back, 0rang3sharpi3's complete steel lattice support pack.



-Another 3D letters set with a weird design I found by accident.

-The complete railroad pack, including several things not in the UCES.

-The complete RS support group.

-A bunch of high quality dark ride stuff.

An archived site with a bunch of good water features and a pack of superhero content (not including what I was looking for though).

An archived version of the -complete- RCTMart download section. Somebody lost to history apparently learned it was closing, and decided to save every single download page and file in the Internet Archive, and for that we're eternally grateful. Includes the complete Hairy Potter and LOTR parks and content, as well as a Disneyland and a Jurassic Park, and a whole bunch of other stuff, much of which is on Nedesigns but some of which likely isn't.

Cross-posted from the Nedesigns site, where the thread containing the content and links is:


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