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Worth a shot - anybody have the Hollywood Letters set or a Catwomen/or-similar object?

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I've scoured online, and though every defunct site I could find on the Internet Archive, and I can't find the remainder of the Hollywood Letters set. It's worth a shot, so does anybody have either the complete set or just more than is uploaded on Nedesigns? (I particularly need the "M".) Although I did find a complete copy of 0rang3sharpi3's old lattice support set, which isn't currently on nedesigns - should I upload them there?

Second, scenery for a ride of mine could really use a "female superhero/movie character in a black catsuit" scenery object; Catwomen specifically would be ideal, but the differences for an ~10-20 foot tall object would be minor. - Rct2Fan's "The Batcave" at the long defunct RCT Revalutions has a "superhero" section for objects, so considering the name I'm assuming he probably did make one, but there's no way to go any farther than his category list on the Internet Archive.


Also, another themed ride would benefit from some Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider style spinning blades, but I suspect those probably never were made, although I would certainly love to be wrong.


Thanks, it's pretty much a shot in the dark, and pretty much a last chance with nowhere else to look. Thanks.

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