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[Solved] (USB Flash Drive) Creating a Portable Version of OpenRCT2?

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[SOLVED] - After doing some more research I found THIS Reddit post that had the answer. However, the instructions are not totally clear so I plan on making a guide with pictures on the forums for easy access. (I will link to that guide as soon as I create it)

For now, here are the steps that I took to make this work. Note: There may be an easier way to do it, but this is the way that I was able to get ALL game files installed on a flash drive so that I could play OpenRCT2 on ANY computer.

Step 1: Go HERE and download the latest version of the "Windows x64 Portable ZIP" file.

Step 2: Extract the files to a folder on your flash drive.

Step 3: Do NOT run the OpenRCT2.exe. Instead create a New Text Document inside the folder that the OpenRCT2.exe is located.

Step 4: Open the New Text Document (it should be empty) and enter in the following text:

openrct2.exe --user-data-path=.\data

This will put all of OpenRCT2's save games, config files, and other game files inside of the folder named "data" where the OpenRCT2.exe is located.
Note: The text after the equal sign (=) is the File Path where you want to put your save games and other files.
Also NoteUsing the Period Symbol (.) and then \data is basically telling the program "Look inside the folder that OpenRCT2.exe is in and then look inside the folder called "data". That is where I want to put the files".

Step 5: Go to File > Save As... and name the file something like "LAUNCH OpenRCT2" save the file as a .bat file NOT a .txt file.

Step 6: ANY TIME YOU WANT TO PLAY OpenRCT2, run the LAUNCHOpenrct2.bat file that you created on your flash drive (or whatever you named it). Just make sure that is it a .BAT file.

This should put all of your user files inside the data folder (or whatever folder you specified) instead of putting them in the Documents folder on the PC's hard drive like it usually does.
You should now be able to play OpenRCT2 ANYWHERE as long as you have the flash drive with you!



--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL POST BELOW---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hey there,

New to the OpenRCT2 project and forums. (Absolutely love it by the way!)

I am trying to install the game COMPLETELY on my flash drive, however, when running the openrct2.exe for the first time, it seems to create a directory called "OpenRCT2" in the Documents folder where it stores all of the save games and other game data.(As shown in the image below).


QUESTION: Is there a way to change the game's default directory for these files?
If possible, I would like to be able to have these files generated on the flash driver where I have the game's .exe installed as well.

Doing this should allow me to take my flash drive, plug it into any PC and  be able to access the game along with my save files and other data.

I have done some research on the topic, but have not been able to find a definitive answer. If anyone has any tips or guides on how to do this I would love to hear them.

ALSO NOTE: I have currently installed the "Windows x64 Portable ZIP" version 0.2.6. on my flash drive.

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SOLVED: Added short guide
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