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Tutorial: Adding music and syncing coasters in openrct

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Recently I've figured out a method for using ingame custom music to synchronize coasters to a song.

The video outlines how to do it, but if you don't have the time, here's a quick rundown. (However, I'd recommend watching the video for a more visual guide)


1. Get the song you want to use ingame.

2. Put the song in an audio editor and add a few seconds of quiet before the song starts. This makes it easier to time the start of your coaster to the start of the song.

3. Render the song out as a .wav, with the following settings:

- PCM Format

- 22,050hz

- 16bit

- Stereo

4. Name the file CUSTOM1.WAV or CUSTOM2.WAV

5. Locate the folder RCT2 is installed, this should be in your program files, and not the openrct2 folder in the documents. Locate the data folder and put your .WAV in there. When you open your game, your song will show up in the music menu of your rides under the name "Custom Music 1/2"

6. Now ingame, choose the coaster you'd like to use. I recommend the twister because it has the most track pieces available, and also has the booster and launched lift hill to help you control the speed of the train.

7. Make a station platform, with one regular piece of track extending from either side of the station.

8. Set your coaster to have your custom music.  Also set the maximum and minimum waiting time of the ride so that it starts when the song does. This can of course be changed to suit whatever you'd like to do with the song and coaster.

9. With a second coaster of the same type, place an identical piece of track at the end of the station so you can merge the train onto this second coaster. This second coaster will be the track your train will ride on.

10. Now that you've got the start of the song synced up and your ride merged, it's time to make some track. Make some elements that fit to the song you've chosen, and when you're ready to test the sync, open the ride and use the ride menu to focus on the train. Make sure your screen is centered on the station while doing this, as the music is centered around the station.

11. Now this is where the merged track comes in handy. Say you're a minute or two into your coaster and it's starting to get annoying to watch the whole song play through just to get to the few seconds you're working on. This can be solved by pausing the game when your coaster is nearby the section you're working on, then adding track and saving the game before unpausing and seeing if the section syncs.  If it does, you can reload the save while paused and you can continue working on the track without having to watch the train from the start again.  If it doesn't work, you can reload the save paused again and redo the section you're at.



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