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Problem with Korean language being broken

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When I start the latest version of openrct2 in Korean, it gets all broken and just show squares instead of Korean

I tried other languages too, and it seems like the only languages that show as squares are Korean and traditional Chinese

I've tried all the versions since v0.2, but it still shows as squares only

Is there a way to solve it?

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Make sure that you have "Gulim" font. OpenRCT2 uses that by default.

If you do not have that font(linux, macos), you have to edit config.ini's font section.


file_name = "NanumGothic.ttf"
font_name = "NanumGothic"
x_offset = 1
y_offset = -2
size_tiny = 11
size_small = 12
size_medium = 12
size_big = 13
height_tiny = 12
height_small = 14
height_medium = 14
height_big = 16

(You need to install NanumGothic)

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