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Path connections deleted when hovered over by path tool

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I made a video in case you don't know understand what I'm talking about. https://youtu.be/SD2W7WbliBU  Is this a feature? Is it already reported? Others seem aware of it (I posted a comment about it on Oli414's Magic Towers Parking Lot Trams video and he was aware anyway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4szg-em5KA&lc=UgycYBTFwL6KGm6v3Rl4AaABAg.97un40iNAmv97unql1msXK)

I'm not sure how to reproduce it, really. It doesn't seem to happen with normal wide paths, but only with these sorts of complexly broken paths like in my (admittedly bad) parking lot. It's a little bit random, but when I hover over bits of road with the path tool, some path edges disconnect. It's fairly easy to fix, but even fixing it can lead to broken path edges if I'm not super careful about how I move the mouse.

I've primarily seen this with the Road path texture, but also seen it with the grey and brown tarmac paths.

I made a corkscrew rollercoaster with some parking lot under it to make laying this down easier. It's attached and you can use it to test. Just build a few next to each other. You'll notice that after you build the first, if you hover over with the second, many many path edges will disconnect.

This was present in 0.2.4 and is present in 0.2.6 (and so far every development build I've used... I'm currently running Version 0.2.6 (2c153477a) via the launcher, on Macintosh) and I suspect it's not regularly encountered.


Edit: also reported to GitHub. https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/11617

Parking Lot-Maybe-3.td6

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