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Mac, OpenRCT2 Won't Open, Crash Every time

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Hey, so Ive recently grabbed a copy of RCT2 Triple Thrills.... I have it installed under wine and it opens up just fine.

When I go to open up OpenRCT2, it asks for me to point to the install directory, which I do, and then it will either hang for a few seconds and then crash, or crash nearly right away after selecting the working RCT2 installation folder. After it has crashed after the initial setup of pointing it to the installation directory... any time I try and open OpenRCT2, it automatically crashes. And if I delete the app, and then extract a clean OpenRCT2, it as before asks me to point to my installation folder wherever I have it put, crashes... and then once again, will crash immediately if I try to open OpenRCT2.

This happens, no matter where the game location folder is located on my mac, and I have tried it with the demo version available here and my original version. It does the same with both, and never can i get it to open.........

Whats going on here??


i would really love help as I would absolutely love to begin experimenting around with this game.


thank you

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