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Accurate RC1 support

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Hey there. I was wondering if there are any plans for supporting RC1 as accurate as possible.
Some examples:

- RC1 attraction and shop icons in the "build new ride/attraction" tab
- RC1 attraction and shop names. Example: Junior Roller Coaster is called Steel Mini Roller Coaster in RC1 and Fruity Ices Stall is called Ice Cream Stall
- Specific music tracks unlock by having specific landscapes or attractions. 
- Some ride improvements in RC1 are separated attractions in RC2(I believe). Like the rocket cars for the Steel Mini Roller Coaster in RC1 are a totally different attraction called (classic) Mini Roller      Coaster in RC2.

Anyway, this mod is incredible and it's great to play one of my favorite childhood games again with all these improvements!

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