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Bug: Mechanic Falls Off the Map After Stuck Door Repair

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I am reporting this as a bug on ver 0.2.5 (2020-03-24)


I got a 1 way Monorail System where I have an Entrance Platform and an Exit Platform. The bug I am running into is when I get a door stuck closed or open breakdown on my load platform (that has no exit). The mechanic shows up to fix the door, after he fixes it, he does not go back to the entrance but walks off the side of the platform towards the center of my map and falls off into a corner on my map. 


I have been running longer trains on it and I got the platform fitting the whole train trying to see if that causes the bug or not. I also suspect it's happening on my other rides with similar platform setups, but have confirmed the issue with my Monorail ride. 


Has anyone else ran into this bug? 

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Yep, I get this quite often on my large park—mechanics often "wiggle" diagonally toward the corner, then drop just off the map and walk forever, responding to calls but unable to access rides. Just started playing OpenRCT2, using version 0.2.5 as well. Very unfortunate glitch, I hope it gets fixed soon. It can be manually fixed by picking up the mechanic, but it will happen again. I didn't notice that it only happens for specific types of breaks, good catch.

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