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Problem: playing online not working

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I'm trying to set-up OpenRCT2 on a laptop and my desktop. The openRCT2 works fine on my desktop. I can join different servers, it'll download the map and I can play. This is not working on the laptop. When I click on a server-map, it'll say that I can't join and I'll get a box that says: Authenticating. It won't go away. When I try to start my own server, OpenRCT2 crashes and there's no errorlog available. I've added (Dutch) screenshots.


I tried searching for a solution, but I couldn't find anything about this particular case. To be clear: it's not about portforwarding (yet), because I'm still trying to join public servers and it works for my desktop, not my laptop (which is on the same router, ofc)


I hope that you can help me!


Error when creating server.png

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