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Making the most out of my Open RCT2 Experience

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Long time RCT fan, recently in 2018 I finally decided to beat RCT1 expansions, I played 6 hours/day for 7~8 weeks straight to complete all 81ish scenarios, then got to maybe the 5th scenario of RCT2 but got bored because I had played way too much in a small period of time. Just downloaded OpenRCT2 and I'm wondering what everyone views as the best way to experience it is. I feel like RCT2 doesn't have the same difficulty progression that RCT1 has (like a Beginner level is sometimes already at 4 years and 1500+ guests) and the scenarios are just more bland. I enjoy the experience of starting on an easier level and then progressing to beat a really hard level, I'm more-so into the video game aspect of RCT than making a park look really nice/realistic (I know that has it's own different challenges). I enjoyed levels like Rainbow Valley in RCT1 where I couldn't delete trees or build over a certain height as I had to try my skills at making custom rides that hit the level goal under restrictions. Is there this type of enjoyment in the main scenarios of RCT2?

I'm not the most tech savvy, but I believe you can download scenarios other people make as well as make your own scenarios? Maybe I could find someone that makes progressively challenging levels and download/play their scenarios instead of just playing the RCT2 scenarios? I heard maybe 1.5 years ago there was plans to make a whole scenario/game with just user made scenarios, is that done/downloadable somewhere?

Thanks in advance 😃

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