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I've gotten really into designing synchronized coasters

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I'm a long time RCT fan who just found out about OpenRCT2 a couple weeks ago and I am absolutely loving it. 

I had the idea of creating a park that has a focus on synchronized roller coasters and have spent the last couple of days working on some designs. The scenery is definitely sloppy and I hope one day I find the patience to create a fitting ambiance for my rides - nonetheless, I am having a blast with these designs and discovered how amazing it is to create roller coasters based on aesthetics and symmetry.

Here are some screenshots of what I've been whipping up. I'd love some advice if anyone has some regarding coaster design/scenery. Revisiting the game that defined such a large portion of my youth has been a powerfully nostalgic experience and I want nothing more than to keep indulging in that 😄

Blank Canvas 2019-08-31 18-39-38.png

Blank Canvas 2019-08-31 18-39-11.png

Blank Canvas 2019-08-31 18-38-42.png

Blank Canvas 2019-08-31 18-38-29.png

Blank Canvas 2019-08-31 18-37-58.png

Blank Canvas 2019-08-31 18-36-36.png


Blank Canvas.sv6

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