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Docker OpenRCT2 Dedicated Server

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Hello everyone!

I want to inform you that i've created a Docker image (mainly for Unraid) for OpenRCT2 Dedicated Server it will automaticaly download the prefered version entered in the startup commands download all the needed files and start it.

Here are the startup commands:

docker run --name OpenRCT2 -d \
    -p 11753:11753/tcp \
    --env 'GAME_CONFIG=--password Docker' \
    --env 'GAME_VERSION=0.2.2' \
    --env 'GAME_SAVE_NAME=docker.sv6' \
    --env 'UID=99' \
    --env 'GID=100' \
    --volume /mnt/user/appdata/openrct2:/serverdata/serverfiles \
    --restart=unless-stopped \


GAME_CONFIG = Enter your extra start up commands for the server if needed otherwise leave blank
GAME_VERSON = Enter your prefered game version the docker will automaticaly download the game and install it. You can also place an OpenRCT2 build into the main directory of the docker (e.g: OpenRCT2-0.2.2-linux-x86_64.tar.gz - DON'T RENAME THE FILE or any development build that you want but don't forget to set the GAME_VERSION to the right version number since the docker checks on every start for this version) also you can up or downgrade like you want to (Note: the download for version 0.2.3 for linux is broken so stick with 0.2.2 or install it manually).
GAME_SAVE_NAME = Enter the savegame name that you want to load on startup (note that it must be placed in [SERVER_DIR]/saves
UID = the UID of the User (don't change unless you know what you are doing)
GID = the GID of the Group (don't change unless you know what you are doing)
volume = the path where to save the files on your server to get easy acces to
restart=unless-stopped = the container will automaticaly restart if it crashes

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. ;)

Regards, ich777

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