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An Easy Way to Reduce Intensity

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I'm unsure of whether a post was already made about this so I'll just wing it and hope nobody dunks me xD

Anyways you know what's up and I'm gonna give 3 answers.

The Short Answer:

Reduce the speed of the lift-hill.

The Long Answer:

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...ill stop to not spam

The Genuine Answer:

So I ran a couple tests on this a found some interesting results. So I went into the Track Designer and made a design with the wooden coaster and the RMC train. I set the lift hill speed to 7 and ran the coaster through a few times. Here's what I got.
















In case the image doesn't load here's the stats.

  • Excitement rating: 7.76 (Very High)
  • Intensity rating: 7.97 (Very High)
  • Nausea rating: 5.05 (Medium)

Nice. Those stats aren't my best work but that's not the point. Here's what I got when I set the chain-lift speed to 5.


Once again, here's the stats for those who can't see it.

  • Excitement rating: 7.74 (Very High)
  • Intensity rating: 7.89 (Very High)
  • Nausea rating: 5.05 (Medium)

That seems pretty conclusive. I'm not satisfied though and neither should you because that difference was pretty lame. Even worse, the excitement rating went down as well. Which makes sense because imagine spending 1 minute on a lift-hill rather than 30 minutes on it. It makes sense when you think about it. Anyways, you shouldn't be satisfied with only one thing of evidence. So I will summarize the other 2 tests with the pictures. (sorry, no backup for those who can't see the photos. im lazy.)


Lift-hill speed set to 4. ^^^


Lift-hill speed set to 6. ^^^ The excitement went down because the ride was already too intense and it dropped the "fun" of the ride by making it faster.


Lift-hill speed set to 5. ^^^


Lift-hill speed set to 8. ^^^ Same case here.

At this point you should understand that setting your chain-lift speed slower can change your stats to your liking (well kinda lol).

In conclusion, setting your lift-hill speed lower is a good idea if you want to avoid high intensity coasters. If you want to make your ride fast and have a short queuing time then having a higher lift-hill speed will suit you better. It all comes down to what you're looking for in your coaster. I had fun testing this out and I hope you had fun learning!!!

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