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Game crash while building coaster

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Hello, I started play openRCT last week. After a few hours game crash but I said ok it was crash after 3 hour than I will save game more often. But now I get to the point when I  want to build new coaster in my park (doesn´t matter what coaster, it happend at two different coasters ) and after few seconds it crash (lag->crash). When I start a new park than it´s ok again for a few hours. I play the basic RCT2 (no expansion), Win10, Surface Pro 4. I try to download new drivers for my GPU, I reinstalled the game and openRCT, I try change compability mode. And it´s still same.  I saved the game while I build this coaster so now when I open my save i crash after few seconds. I try to find some file with error message but i dont find nothing. Is is here some good soul what can help me I´ll be glad because RCT2 is my love.


PS: Now I remember. Sometimes the game doesn´t crash immediately than I can "speed up" the crash with rotating point of view. Here is a file with save..



EDIT: Now I downloaded "benchmark map" and start building the same coaster (wooden coaster) and game no crash. So maybe it is not problem about coaster but something different. 

EDIT2: It fixed. I deleted again openRCT2 and RCT2, plus I deleted folder in Documents with saves etc. Everything I installed again and now it´s OK.

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