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dedicated hosting issue/question

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ok, ive managed to successfully host online (park name Ghomer), but ive noticed an issue, and this prompts some questions.

i want to host a dedicated server, but i am evidently not understanding the command line entries, because i constantly get errors stating the commands arent legit (like when you try to run a program in dos and it gives you that error saying it wasnt actually a program). before i dive too much into fixing that, id like to know if doing the server in a headless/dedicated mode would help performance over the web?

server specs:
dell poweredge t320 server, xeon 1410 quad core, 32gb ecc ram, raid 0 15k drives for OS (7 pro) and 2tb storage. dual gigabit lan (tho only 1 is port forwarding in my router). it is connected to a dell 24 port gigabit switch which piggybacks into my router/wifi, which feeds from my cable modem at about 75m-down, 15m-up speeds (i can stream 4k easily on more than 1 device with no lost frames). with the game open and the fps counter turned on, it never drops below 800fps (software render, no scaling, no AA, res at lowest default/windowed), so i know the server easily handles the game, even in heavily populated parks (over 5000 guests).

i have logged into the server on my main gaming rig via the server menu, and have verified that it is NOT using my LAN, but is for sure using the internet connection. my game ping is 25-50ms all the time. so why in tarnation do i have constant game stutters for about a full 2-3 minutes after i build something? my gaming rig runs overwatch at 1080 on ultra at 80+fps, and uses less than 10% hardware while in openrct2, so that is in no way an issue. its rather annoying to have this fast server, fast internet, fast network, and fast gaming computer, yet the game lags about every 2 seconds for about 1/2 second, then goes fine, then lags, etc. but ONLY after building something, and then only for 2-3 minutes, then it clears up until i build again.

would running headless/dedicated help this? or is there some other underlying issue i need to look for?

ps: feel free to hop on my game, i plan to leave it up all the time, since my server never shuts down.

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