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Can't launch OpenRCT2

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Hi guys! When I launch OpenRCT2 on linux I get these two errors:

WARNING(/usr/local/games/OpenRCT2/src/openrct2/platform/posix.c:807 (platform_get_locale_date_format)]: Function platform_get_locale_date_format at /usr/local/games/OpenRCT2/src/openrct2/platform/posix.c:807 is a stub.

openrct2: /usr/local/games/OpenRCT2/src/openrct2/util/util.c.314: safe_strcpy: Assertion `source != NULL' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

I looked into the /usr/local/games/OpenRCT2/src/openrct2/platform/posix.c file and I saw this code for the platform_get_locale_date_format function

unit8 platform_get_locale_date_format ()

What is this STUB function? And is there a way I can fix this from the editing the code in the /usr/local/games/OpenRCT2/src/openrct2/platform/posix.c file or should I do something with the locale on my linux box?

For the second error I also looked into the code of the file located at /usr/local/games/OpenRCT2/src/openrct2/util/util.c. What is the source? I noticed I do not get this error when I don't specify a game_path in the ~/.config/OpenRCT2/config.ini file. Maybe I am setting up that wrong.



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