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Open RCT2 Running Poorly

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I have been playing OpenRCT2 for a year now. I just recently upgraded to a full Desktop from a $500 Laptop. Sadly my framerates are much worse on the desktop when compared to the laptop. I used to get 120 fps on my laptop, but I only get 46-60 on my PC.

My Specs:

GTX 1050

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OpenRCT2 has purely single-threaded software-based renderer*. You're running it on a nearly 5 year old CPU and I don't think it has the best single-threaded performance either. By default we compile with `-O2 -g`, you may want to check if `-O3` or `-Os` gives you better performance. Also consider using `-march=native -mtune=native`.


* There's an OpenGL renderer as well, but it has some issues. See https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/OpenGL-renderengine-issues

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