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Title sequence editor problems

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There seems to be an issue with the Restart function in the title sequence editor. Normally at the end of the sequence, it should loop back to the very first scene. However, it seems to be skipping the first scene and going directly into the second scene in the sequence (the second scene's timing is thrown off as a result if it happens to be in the same scenario/saved game). I'm currently using the included rct1aall title sequence, but I noticed this for all of the title sequences on OpenRCT2.

A separate issue I'm also having with the title sequence editor is that the game crashes when I try to load one of my custom saved games. Additionally, I can't seem to save changes to the existing title sequences. E.g. If I try to edit how much time each scene takes, it doesn't seem to save (my folder for the title sequences is empty). 

Thanks in advance for the help!


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