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Map constantly crashes upon loading up

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Hey all.


A while back, while I was working on a park I downloaded few months prior, it suddenly started crashing constantly upon loading up. What I did initially was build while my game was being paused, removed a large structure, and in the place put down a lot of trees. Saved after doing so while on paused, and when I resumed the game again, it instantly crashes, and it keeps doing this over and over again. I realised that it was due to the trees that I added since I was able to recreate the issue over and over in a bit older backup of the park. But I ain't sure how to solve this issue entirely, to make sure that I can play this park further again.


I attached the park to this post, for those interested in solving this issue for me; since I have no clue myself right now. Hopefully it's clear what the issue is that I described. :) Thanks in advance :D

De Efteling (OpenRCT2 edit)2.sv6

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Odd. Whenever I load it, it loads, but when I resume the game, then it constantly crashes no matter what. :o


Edit: *facepalm* Well damn. I just updated to the latest version of OpenRCT2, and whatever changed in there, allowed me to once again play the saved game no problem. No more crash when I resume. Seems this issue has been resolved, haha. I'll just.. see myself out. :P Thanks for looking into it. :D 

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It works again.
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