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Can't scroll view to the right when using window scale factor of 1.50

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Hi, the issue is like the title says. I like to use 1600x900 resolution (native) with a window scale factor of 1.50. I know it takes away some of the detail but I'm used to that zoom, since I played RCT1 for years in a 640x480 screen. Also since in RCT2 you can zoom-out 3x I think it's good to have a closer look because the most zoomed-out will still show the full map.


Anyway... When I hover the mouse over the right side it won't move the screen, which is annoying because I have to right click and I accidentaly delete stuff while building if I try to move around with right-click.  At 1.25 scale factor it works normally. I know it probably has something to do with the fact that it's just zoomed-in for me with the UI adjusted, but in fact my in-game screen still has stuff to the right. But is there any fix to this? Something that could be implemented?


Edit: I'm using the most recent developer build, but the issue was around for me way before.

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