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  1. I left an unsupported/unknown object someplace within the map not recognized by RCT Classic. I wasn't about to check one by one as they're hundreds. The import process is done via download/email for RCT Classic and rather cumbersome. For even a single modification, I have to do the import process for each item. On a desktop, it take seconds to check for these errors. Classic is very buggy in my opinion, but it's all I have for travel. It hasn't been updated in three years itself. As a test though, I created a new map using the same height map above with no modifications (simply create and import). Both in the current and the older version of Open as a baseline. Once imported to Classic, the current yielded an error message "game objects my not be supported and could result in undesired play". The map then loaded and then crashed the moment I went placed a default object. However, the same map created and imported from the older Open yielded no such results and worked fine with default objects within Classic. I believe it's just with the map saving mech itself rather than an object/texture/what have you. I don't know. All I know is the problem is with Classic, not Open. It needed an update for the now times to at least support a more diverse range. I'm not asking for the range of Open as that's endless. But to have the game crash because one "tree" or "water texture". Either used or un-used in the map and then give you a random, cutoff code to go by is unacceptable. Regardless, I got it to work and will continue work at my pace with the older Open for use with Classic. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Well after much trial and error, I finally figured it out. For whatever reason, as i gave up reading the note files for it. Version 0.2.0 released three plus years seemed to be my answers. Upon downgrading, importing the map to OpenRCT2 and then porting it. The map worked fine! I did not try any version beyond that one since it worked for me. I hope this helps anyone with a similar problem though judging by the activeness of the forum... sadly I think this timeless tycoon game is on it's final hoo-rah. At least a few people grabbed the map so that's something I guess. Improve it, play it and enjoy. Take care!
  3. UPDATE: I've manged to get the map to open in vanilla RCT2. I'm able to do every thing as normal. As a test, I strictly used vanilla RCT2 editor this time around... and the same thing. I have no idea. Now the map saves and even converts from a saved game to a scenario. Upon loading in vanilla RCT2, I get a trapper error now and the game crashes to desktop. Ive uploaded the latest scenario map here. If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated. NOTES: works in OpenRCT crashes upon loading to play scenario in RCT2 opens in RCT2 scenario editor fine using only stock RCT2 items NYC Metro Area.SC6
  4. Hello. First time poster, long time lurker here so please excuse the mini rant... I recently got back into OpenRCT2 to mainly make personal tracks and maps. I came across an old map made with at least two final release versions of OpenRCT2 ago. It's made from a converted height map of the NYC Metro Area. Wanting to update it, I ported it into the current full release of OpenRCT2 and edited away. Saving as I went. When complete, I ported it back to RCT Classic. Upon opening it, I now receive the error message "Missing object data, ID: MG-PRAR/035AF50902B43F59" when trying to open it in RCT Classic. I even went as far to open vanilla RCT2 and tried use it's map editor too, but had the same result. The thing is, this is the only map I'm having trouble with in this fashion. Mind you, I've tried other maps. I even used a self-made, generic 150x150 default sandbox starter map with entrance and stock rides/decor to at least test function. I imported it and was able to play in RCT Classic with no issues from OpenRCT2. I have included the both the height and completed maps in the post. I have no issues anyone using it to play, post or whatever. I haven't reallt tested it to completion. It's a simple height map conversion that anyone could've done. I just want it to work. Thanks to any who can help with this ?simple? issue. **things I have tried and other notes** opened in OpenRCT2 as ready-to-play map, instant save and then used a saved file to convert to a scenario as a workaround (did not work) i do not have original working map from RCT Classic because of a fresh install into a new Kindle Kindle version of Classic RCT has not been updated since just after launch some 4 years ago, but I've never had an issue with custom maps tried using vanilla RCT2 editor (error message) using only stock rides and decor contained within RCT Classic (which has every thing from RCT>LL>TT>RCT2 in it) map currently only works OpenRCT2 downloaded a fresh RCT Classic and re-imported test map (worked fine) searched for the error message, but found nothing NYC Metro Area.SC6
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