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  1. @jensj12, thanks for your reply. I had the feeling this may be true so your confirmation saves me time and a little bit of sanity. I guess I’m going to have to explore getting RCT on another platform and then get into Open RCT2.
  2. Hello everyone! I’ve been playing RCT2 on my iPad and recently downloaded Open RCT2. However, I’m not able to get this to a place where I can run the program. So…. 1. Is this even a possibility? 2. If it is, can anyone leave a step by step on how to accomplish this. I’m pretty tech savvy with music programs and such (it’s my job), but am only a few neurons short of complete moron for many other issues of technology. I’ll take any help you can provide. And if you think you’re talking down to me when providing instructions on how to pull this off (again, if possible) you’re probably not. 🤣
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