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  1. All I've seen is the red phone booth.
  2. I mean, that phone box is just *BEGGING* for a recolor. I have no clue how to do it, if I did I would. Has anyone seen one for download somewhere? Trying to Google various combinations of terms has resulted in a very interesting but ultimately futile rabbit hole.
  3. I'm having an intermittent issue with my flat rides (different rides, different scenarios, but doesn't always happen). People will queue for them, get on them, the ride will continue to fill up (past the stated capacity), then people will sudden have gotten off the ride and are walking away thinking "Ride XYZ was great!" without the ride animation playing. Or I will check my ride queue times and see one at 22 minutes (or some ridiculous number) and realize that it isn't running. I can't find any bug reports on this, has anyone else experienced it?
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