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  1. Here is the path I use to try and get it to pair. I right clicked on rct 1 to bring up the locations under general( use this to try and get an idea where to go to ) >This pc >C:/ drive >User >(enter user name) nothing then i try >This PC >User >x86 Program files >steam Then Another Dead End I had it last night pop up that error message after finding some file named Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic "Selected folder does not contain a valid Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 Install" is my error message
  2. If I can learn to screenshot site. I can when I go home. I know I go c drive -x86- steam- find the roller coaster tycoon folder and it says contains no copy or something
  3. got open rct2 all open trying to do the " path to rct1 install" cannot find it at all i can get into steam folder but it doesn't accept. any help would be appreciated . also not tech savy and haven't had a computer in years till other day. thanks again
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