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  1. Thanks for the info and help. I don't know, must be something with my system or version who knows. I put the track in the folder path to the track folder like I mentioned in my previous post, but still does not show up when using the hyper twister with 4 across trains. Thank you for the help anyway.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I meant I was just trying to view TsubakiharaYuuji's Kingda-ka style coaster. I tried putting it in Documents>openrct>track>Kingda Ka.td6 but cannot find it when I go in the track editor and try opening various coaster types. Is it a vertical coaster or a hyper. I tried both but it seems to not be showing.
  3. I'm a newbie to openrct here and installing tracks. How do you guys view the coaster? Do you put it in the ride editor? or a park? I assume it is a vertical coaster as well.
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