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  1. Understood, that makes sense. Thank you! I want to give a shout-out to Marcel Vos for bringing me back to OpenRCT2. I played RCT and RCT2 in the early 2000's as a kid and I found out about OpenRCT2 in 2015 back when it was version 0.0.2 (I think I first saw OpenRCT2 played by Vinesauce Joel for a twitch-integrated live stream, so props to him too). I saw Marcel's videos suggested in YouTube and when I saw how far along the development of OpenRCT2 had come, I felt compelled to return. Keep up the good work!
  2. Thank you for your reply! OpenRCT2 is amazing and you guys are doing great work. I turned on Debugging Tools and I can see the file path for scenarios show up at the bottom of the window, but I do not see file paths when going through ride tracks. Is there a specific command that shows you the file paths of the tracks or am I missing something? I wound up doing a fresh install of OpenRCT 0.3.3 in a different folder and I don't experience the same problem. If you want me to keep troubleshooting what could be causing the double tracks for bug-fixing purposes I would be happy to contrib
  3. Hello, Since updating to 0.3.3, I have had an issue where in game, all the default tracks for every ride type is duplicated. There is only one of each track file in the folder ProgramFiles(x86)/OpenRCT2/Tracks. I have tried replacing the folder with a copy from a fresh installation of the game but the issue persists. I did not have this issue before downloading 0.3.3. I cannot delete the duplicate tracks from the in-game Track Manager because of write protection on the files. I have copied the original data of RCT2 from the Triple Thrill Pack disk nested within the same folder as Ope
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