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  1. A few days ago I started a new scenario and added some custom rides such as dinghy slide with swimwear guests etc. In previous scenarios in OpenRCT2 these rides showed up without problem. However, in this scenario they don´t show up in the ride manual when I´m working on the park. While some custom rides show up, most don´t. These seem to be particularly the variants of existing rides, e.g. swimwear or tube dinghy slide, steep log flume. When I check the selection and invention list I see I selected and invented them. When I build a standard log flume I can also not change the ride type to the
  2. Thanks for the reply! I have not, but I am also not sure which objects are included in the group... I guess then its a matter of downloading individu objects. Thanks!
  3. I have recently started getting into OpenRCT2 and am trying to download a custom scenery group (New Element - RCT2 Object - JP-GR-05 (nedesigns.com). I put it in the themes folder of OpenRCT2 and it shows up under the scenery groups, but when I selected it I get the message 'Warning! Too many objects selected. Not all objects in this scenery group could be selected.' And when I continue to the selected objects none show up, not even the max. no. of objects. It is a .DAT file. Does anybody know or have experience with downloading custom scenery groups? I have tried looking up similar questions
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