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  1. Oh, so i can get openRCT2 if i download the RCT2 demo which you guys unlocked the full game for so i wont have to spend any money? (sorry i thoughts the demo was an OpenRCT2 demo because OpenRCT2 made it free full access)
  2. so, just to clarify, i can play OpenRCT2 Demo without RCT2, then why do i need to get OpenRCT2 if i can just get it without spending money on RCT2?
  3. so i can get the demo (which has the RCT2 files on them so i dont need to buy RCT2 by my understanding) and then have access to OpenRCT2 or do i need RCT2 to run both demo and OpenRCT2?
  4. i was wondering, do i NEED RCT2 to be able to run RCT2 of is it just recommended, because i have like NO money right now (spent it all on buying a green Teletubby costume (don't ask)) and with the demo, since i have unlimited usage of it, whats the difference, because i wont need to buy RCT2 if i can get it free with the demo, so basically all im asking is: do i need RCT2 to play OpenRCT2 and why cant i just use the demo of OpenRCT2 since i dont need RCT2 for it if your a mod please respond to this!!
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